BH Bikes is one of Europe's most storied bicycle makers. 

Domingo, Juan and Cosme Beistegui (Beistegui Hermanos) began building bicycles in the Basque region of Spain more than 100 years ago. From the start, they were aware that having a lightweight and agile bicycle was an essential complement to the cyclist's strength. With this idea in mind, they developed their bicycle brand into one of the most established and successful in the world of cycling.

Since our inception, BH Bikes painstakingly engineers, designs, tests and builds bicycles that climb with ease, descend with confidence and always put rider performance and comfort out front. It's no wonder BH Bikes won the first Vuelta a Espana in 1935, and has won it six times since. BH Bikes has also enjoyed carrying the yellow jersey for eight straight stages in the 2009 Tour de France.

Today, BH Bikes capitalizes on a history of more than 100 years of setting performance standards in an industry inherently driven to innovate what we ride and race. BH Bikes has developed a specific line of higher performance bicycles that are lighter, stiffer and more ergonomic than the competition. We manufactured the first monocoque carbon frame weighing less than 800g, placing our frames among the lightest and most efficient in the world and creating a new category - Ultralight Bicycles.

Placing BH Bikes at the highest levels of the sport demands constant innovation. More recent trend-setting additions to the BH Bikes line include the first use of an extended seat tube, development of a 1.5" tapered carbon fiber fork in conjunction with Enve Composites, a patented cable guide system within a channel beneath the downtube and producing the stiffest and strongest derailleur hanger in the world.

BH prides itself on continually evolving its leadership in bicycle technology. We obsessively develop and test new products and technologies that consistently lead athletes to the podium. This dedication to innovation propelled the GC Aero to become the best-riding and performing triathlon bike on the market.

BH Bikes boasts a strong stable of athletes piloting BH Bikes to top podium finishes around the world. Success at the highest levels of the sport flows through the entire line of BH Bikes. We're proud to leverage our deep history of bicycle innovation with modern obsession of research, engineering, design and development. Climb aboard a BH, and you'll immediately feel how the vision and dedication of Beistegui Hermanos has formed today's BH Bikes to lead you to the top.