BH SR Suntour KMC visits the head offices of BH

The BH SR Suntour KMC team visited the BH installations in Vitoria during the 18th and 19th of December, for the presentation of their new calendar for the 2014 season. The team captained by the Olympic racer Julie Bresset attended the inauguration on Wednesday of the BH Concept Store in San Sebastian, where other athletes like Eneko Llanos form Alava and other Suntour riders like Stéphane Tempier, Victor Koretzky and the recently incorporated Hanna Klein, also attended. 
BH SR Suntour KMC visits the head offices of BH

Press presentation

During Thursday morning, the Team Manager Pierre Lebreton presented the team to the press as well as the records of each member.  In addition, the initial calendar of the races where the team will compete during 2014 was presented. Later, Nicola Yann Vies, Product Manager of MTB, presented the 2014 range of mountain bikes as well as the Ultimate 27.5” that the team will use during the competitions.

Another of the features was the session of interviews and photographs where the Olympic medal was a main attraction of the flashes.  Because there is not always the opportunity of having an Olympic medal and sharing these moments together with one of the great promises of the worldwide MTB.  Together with the Ultimate 27.5”, she forms a winning couple that will bring us many triumphs in the next season.


Ultimate 27.5

Its monocoque frame is completely manufactured from High Module carbon fibre (T40, T30 y T24) including different densities at the parts that can sustain most damage during use.  Thanks to the absence of welding, the vibrations are naturally absorbed without the rider perceiving any abrupt shock.   This combination of densities equally offers rigidity, resistance and elasticity while not exceeding the weight of 1000 grams in the M size.

The tubes have a flattened shape that way nodding in the direction of the time-trial road models and optimising performance.  The semi-integrated seat post is super lightweight and the bottom bracket is 92mm wide, that way increasing rigidity in torsion.  With all that, the Ultimate is presented as an authentic track burner being one of the most explosive and reliable bikes on the current market.

In addition, and complementing the range, the Ultimate model this year also has a 29” version with a similar design but adapted to each type of wheel.


Suntour Components:


-           Ultimate Frame 27.5

-           SR Axon carbon fibre fork 27.5

-           Mavic X-MAX SLR 27.5 wheels

-           Magura MT8 brakes, STORM SL carbon rotors

-           FSA K.FORCE LIGHT 386 carbon gear plates

-           Stem and handlebar FSA OS99 C.S.I and K.FORCE LIGHT

-           Prologo saddle X.ZERO nack

-           Michelin WILD GRIP’R and RACER’R Ultimate 2.00 and 2.25 Tyres

-           KMC X10 SL Chains

-           XTR derailleur, shifters, and cass.

-           Time ATAC carbon fibre Titan pedals.



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