Eneko Llanos of the BH Team, third in Cozumel

The athlete from Vitoria, sponsored by BH came third in Cozumel (Mexico) this weekend in a race where the swimming sector was reduced to 700 m due to strong winds.  The initial distance was 3.8 kilometres of swimming, 180 on bicycle and 42.195 running.
Eneko Llanos of the BH Team, third in Cozumel

The Alava sportsman started very well at the beginning and managed to maintain the first positions for the entire race, reached the finish line behind Tyler Butterfield and Michael Weiss who was the winner with a time below 8 hours. The time used by Eneko was 8 hours, 05 minutes and 21 seconds.


Points for Hawaii

The leading group was already decided form the swimming sector and was defined during the cycling kilometres.  Eneko that way started the marathon sector in third position, the position he maintained till the end of the race not being able to reach Weiss and Butterfield.

With that position, Eneko started to accumulate points that will allow him to participate in the Hawaii Ironman of October.  This is a yearly event where many triathletes try to compete and where only those who have achieved a determined amount of points throughout the different races held over the year can be there.



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