Eneko Llanos takes sixth at the Abu Dhabi Triathlon

Eneko Llanos, the athlete from Vitoria-Gasteiz, took sixth place in the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon with a time of 7 hours, 1 minute, 28 seconds, within nearly 18 minutes of Tyler Butterfield, the race winner.
Eneko Llanos takes sixth at the Abu Dhabi Triathlon

The Basque athlete suffered tremendously throughout the entire race and especially in the two first segments and was unable to repeat the success of last year, where he was able to stand on the podium. In the bike stage, he was not able to reach the lead pack and was left in no-man’s land. In spite of that, he didn’t throw in the towel and fought with dignity, improving to the eighth position at the second transition. He was later able to pass two rivals during the running stage, and ultimately finished sixth.


Eneko Llanos: "I’m happy because with the amount of training that I had, it was always going to be hard to finish in one of the top spots. I wasn’t able to find any sort of push during the bike stage in order to get up to the lead pack, and so I ended up having to fight alone. The urge to stop was tempting, but I was able to get steady during the race and what was left of the bike stage. I started feeling better on the running stage, which allowed me to improve two spots and at least win a “diaper prize”. It was a good race that I can build off of and continue learning things about myself. Now, little by little, I need to continue improving my conditioning.”



Gurutze Frades sixth in the women’s race

The Basque athlete,Gurutze Frades, took sixth place in the exceptional women’s race. She was able to finish among the top athletes, despite suffering a fall during the bike stage, leaving several wounds on her body. However, as a proud athlete, she fought on and reached the finish line exhausted and bruised, but also very satisfied with her performance and prepared to face the next challenges on the 2014 calendar.




1 Tyler Butterfield  BER 06:43:01

2 Bas Diederen  NED 06:43:47

3 Sylvain Sudrie  FRA 06:45:06

4 Frederik van Lierde  BEL 06:46:12

5 Bert Jammaer  BEL 06:50:48

6 Eneko Llanos  ESP 07:01:28






1 Mellissa Hauschildt  AUS 07:24:50

2 Yvonne van Vlerken  NED 07:25:13

3 Michelle Vesterby  DEN 07:31:39

4 Jodie Swallow  GBR 07:45:35

5 Svetlana Blazevic  SRB 08:31:20

6 Gurutze Frades  ESP 08:40:19



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