Eneko Llanos wins the Ironman Mallorca

This past Saturday, Eneko Llanos won the Ironman 70.3 Mallorca, staging a comeback over the last 21 kilometres and winning in a time of 3 hours, 52 minutes and 37 seconds.
Eneko Llanos wins the Ironman Mallorca

Once again, the Basquetriathletecame from behind, perfectly measuring out his efforts. After completing the 1900 metre swim, Llanos approached the front pack although he was still at a significant disadvantage behind the leaders. During the cycling section he had better moments, gaining some distance on the leaders and arriving at the second transition point in tenth position, some 2 minutes and forty seconds behind Andrew Starykowicz the leader at this point.

But in the foot race, the athlete from Vitoria offered an extraordinary performance, gaining one by one on the leaders, followed closely by Belgian Bart Aernouts who like Llanos, had a magnificent final section of the Ironman. Both athletes were the clear leaders in the running section, competing in an intense duel that was ultimately won by Llanos. The athlete from Alava reached the finish line in Alcudia some 18 seconds ahead Aernouts and over two minutes ahead of German triathlete Andreas Raelert who finished in third place.

In addition to the victory, Eneko Llanos achieved another valued prize: 500 points for the Ironman Hawaii, getting him a bit closer to his ultimate goal of the season which is now clearly within his reach. After the race, the Vitorian athlete appeared very happy with his win in the Baleares as with his great win at the start of the year in Melbourne and his second place finish in Abu Dhabi. Llanos will compete again on May 26th in Austria and later in the Zarautz Triathlon and the European Championship in Frankfurt.


  Llanos, Eneko ESP 00:22:17 02:16:58 01:08:41     03:52:36

 Aernouts, Bart BEL 00:23:51 02:15:36 01:09:10      03:52:54

 Raelert, Andreas GER 00:22:13 02:17:11 01:11:03 03:54:43

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