The BH-SR Suntour KMC team is ready to start the season

The French team BH-SR Suntour KMC, under the leadership of the Olympic champion Julie Bresset, is already having their training sessions with the intention of starting the season with the best possible results. 
The BH-SR Suntour KMC team is ready to start the season

The last session was in the coast city of Nice where the complete team were displaced attracted by the good sensations from previous years.


During the four days the session lasted, all the members of the team could feel the new sensation of the BH with which they are going to compete this season:Ultimate 27.5”. The use of this bike in some way means the consolidation of the new dimensions in the large circuits that little by little are including more possibilities for this type of wheels.  In the words of the Team Manager Pierre Lebreton, "this is a bicycle designed for the podium and with great potential that will obtain the best from each member of Suntour".


As form now all we can do is see if the words of Pierre become a reality and see how the season turns out for Julie and her colleagues.



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